Bill of Sale

The Retired Racehorse Project strongly encourages sellers to use a Bill of Sale in any transaction to protect both seller and buyer and to establish new ownership of the horse. Additionally, the RRP recommends that all sales of horses retiring from racing include The Jockey Club's Retired From Racing Form, which will protect horses who are intended for retirement and prevent them from being raced again.

Download Bill of Sale Document (MS-Word)
 Download Bill of Sale Document (PDF)

Sold as Retired From Racing

The Sold as Retired from Racing form allows an owner to permanently retire a horse from racing with The Jockey Club. If an attempt is made to enter the horse at a North American racetrack, the information that the horse was Sold as Retired from Racing will be communicated electronically to racing officials. This status will not affect a horse’s breeding privileges. For more information, visit The Jockey Club.

Download Retired from Racing form

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Any RRP User can enter into our Retired Racehorse Project Classifieds any horse for sale that raced or trained to race, regardless of its age, price or level of training.

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  4. While we strongly recommend anyone offering a horse for sale/adoption/lease on RRP’s classified listings be prepared to ask for/check references and require a contract/bill of sale to complete the transaction, all sellers listing a horse for $1,000 or less are required to do so. Example of Bill of Sale can be found here:  https://www.retiredracehorseproject.org/ottb-horses-for-sale/bill-of-sale
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